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Reassessment of central Peruvian Telmatobiinae (genera Batrachophrynus and Telmatobius). II. Allozymes and phylogenetic relationships

Article published in volume 13 fascicle 2, of 06/1995, pages 52 - 66



Three hypotheses on the phylogenetic relationships among central Peruvian Telmatobiinae were tested: (1) the common ancestor of the two Batrachophrynus species diverged from the telmatobiine stock independently from the common ancestor of the present Telmatobius; (2) B. macrostomus and B. brachydactylus separated independently from the lineage leading to the present Telmatobius; (3) the separation of the common Batrachophrynus ancestor from Telmatobius occurred after the differentiation of the Telmatobius stock into geographical lineages. Allozymes clearly indicate the monophyly of Batrachophrynus, and that the southern Peruvian T. culeus is more closely related to the central Peruvian T. jeelskii and T. rimac than to either of the Batrachophrynus species. All available evidence supports the first hypothesis.