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Hyla reinwardtii Schlegel, 1840 as a nomen protectum

Article published in volume 23 fascicle 3, of 03/2006, pages 123 - 132



Following article 23.9.1 of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, the nomen Rhacophorus moschatus Kuhl & Van Hasselt, 1822 should be considered a nomen oblitum and the nomen Hyla reinwardtii Schlegel, 1840, its junior subjective synonym, should be treated as the valid nomen of the Reinwardt’s Gliding Frog. In order to demonstrate the large acceptance of the nomen Rhacophorus reinwardtii, we provide a list of references using this nomen as valid. A lectotype is designated for Hyla reinwardtii Schlegel, 1840 and its description and figure are provided.