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A new genus and species of Ranidae (Amphibia, Anura) from south-western India

Article published in volume 19 fascicle 2, of 12/2001, pages 53 - 79



A new genus and species of Ranidae is described from Karnataka and Kerala in south-western India. The new genus appears to belong in the subfamily Dicroglossinae. It shares with the genus Fejervarya Bolkay, 1915 the presence of fejervaryan lines on both sides of the belly, but differs from the latter genus in several respects, particularly in possessing a rictal gland at the mouth commissure and a white horizontal band along the upper lip, two characters that are common in the Indian Raninae but otherwise absent in the Dicroglossinae. it appears to be the fifth genus/subgenus of Ranidae endemic of southern India.