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(International Society for the Study and Conservation of Amphibians)
ISSCA, International Society for the Study and Conservation of Amphibians, was created in 1982 to promote batrachology, the study of amphibians, their conservation and that of their habitats, through the publication of the only international journal uniquely devoted to this group, Alytes. Its head office is in Paris, France.

The society is international by its members and its actions. ISSCA board meetings are held by electronic exchange which allows a direct contact between the board members. General Meetings allow vote by correspondence of members worldwide, and are the occasion for meeting and for scientific exchange.

ISSCA publishes two journals, Circalytes, the internal bulletin for members, and Alytes, an international scientific journal. The topics of Alytes concern all aspects of research on amphibians, in particular systematics, evolution, development, ecology and conservation.

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